Our Services

Have a glance at the range of world class and modern days tech services we provide, here at TechnobugsAI. All the services are designed to serve our clients with Latest & in-trend technologies available in the industry for every class of requirement.

Mobile App Development


Android/iOS apps tailor made for all your Businesses, Professional and Personal needs. Having a top-quality app can be a real boost. While we guarantee you with Assurance of performance and 24*7 customer support.



Having a strong social media presence can strongly Boost your Business, Service, Website hits, Or be it a Facebook / Instagram page. We have a highly experienced team with latest Social media and Digital marketing strategies.

SEO & Content


Start ranking up your Website, Blog, etc. higher on various Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) with our SEO services. Having your product showing up higher on search engines can Cut-Down Competition significantly and Increase the number of visits to your Website, Blog, etc. Give it a go & see it all yourself.

Augmented / Virtual Reality


Using up-to date modern technologies can be really effective tool for growth. Witness the magic of AR-VR touch to your product by hiring our highly skilled AR-VR developers and using our own AR / VR product to enhance yours.



Usage of various Computer vision techniques like Face detection, Object detection, Mask detection, Image filtering, Image rotation, Motion detection etc. can take your Business / Enterprise look and impression to the next tier.



Instead of being present yourself there 24*7 on Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp, etc. having a chat-bot for any platform can be totally time savvy while keeping your customers responded 24*7*365. It would also give your Brand/Business/Product, the Digital touch of 21st century.

Our Work

Please go through a small exhibition of the work we have accomplished so far, at TechnobugsAI.

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  • Social Media


Coming Soon.

Our Projects

Here is a list of projects of "our own", taking small strides in our development Lab.

Computer Vision


An Artificial Intelligence based Software for PCs and Laptops, enabling users to do from a Left/Right click to browsing web just by waiving their fingers in front of screen. By making various gestures such as moving index finger, Clutching thumb etc. will allow user to do various different tasks on their devices. With all the security measures & Ease of operating being paramount concern.



Looking to develop apps & functionalities to aid real life problem solving techniques. Not just solve problems but also create AR VR based functionalities that enhances day-to-day life activities. We will soon be unvailing LIVE AR-VR projects straight from our techlab.



You might have heard of a single codebase supporting multiple platforms. Here's our own chatbot, requiring to be configured only once and BAM!!! it can be used on almost all social media platforms. No need to define different codebase for each platform. Stay tuned here to have an early access when Beta launch starts looming.

About Us

We-the TechnobugsAI, are an Ahmedabad based company founded back in 2015, working in Mobile app development, Computer Vision, AR/VR, AI/ML and various other latest technology. Providing services with 100% client satisfaction being the only target.

At technobugsAI, we work with the latest Tech-trend verticals going around the world. From consultation of idea of the project, to providing customers with it’s product & truly soothing after-Sales support, assured forever. All the services provided here being in line with Top-tier Technological advancements happening in the industry to boost your business.

All the Products and Services are designed in such a way that our client can generate Maximum output from our deployed Products and/or Services. Talking about our team, Ranging from ‘Creative Freshers’ to ‘Experienced Leaders’ we have got it all under one roof (Technically 😊) in Our Team to serve our Clients with the BEST & NOTHING LESS.

Our Approach


If you have any query regarding Our Services, Our products or if you want to ask something to us regarding your project, or anything else: Just feel a few details in the form and we will get back to you at earliest.

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